Usage questions

How do I use my light

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Do I need to wear eye protection when using my light?

  • 100% in the program mode because of the UVB light present.
  • In the healing mode we recommend using them for safety but there is scientific research showing red light and NIR may benefit eyesight in moderate amounts.

Can pregnant or nursing woman use the light?

As always first consult with your doctor. Our lamp works similar than sunlight so if sunlight is not contraindicated to you, you could use it and benefit similarly than from sun baths.

Are there any contradictions?

Our lamp mimics sunlight baths but without the UVA, blue and most visible spectrum, so the same contradictions as with regular sun baths.

What is the difference between UVB, Red and Near Infrared light.

  • UVB is the highest frequency of the 3 and more charged with energy. It has a verry shallow skin penetration, it is invisible to the human eyes and responsible for many physiological benefits like: Vitamin D production, Serotonin and Hormonal balance. This is also the light responsible for sunburn so use it with moderation.
  • Red light is considered light above 590NM and bellow 700nm and is responsible for healing the skin and mitochondrial support.
  • Near Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, it has similar properties than red light but can penetrate much deeper (up to 3 inches) so can help with muscles, joints, brain and organs.

Do I have to take my clothes out for use:

  • We recommend so in the desired exposure areas. UVB does not penetrate clothing. RED and NIR can penetrate clothing but most of the light is absorved by clothing so it is not recommended.