Our Story

About me

As a sufferer of many modern diseases like pre-diabetes, low testosterone and depresión I tried traditional medicine (it worked) but didn’t like the idea of medication for the rest of my life and its side effects. 

As an avid reader and researcher for longevity and Biohacking I found the best medicine in natural sunlight (yes the same light most doctors are telling people to avoid) 

In just 4 months of regular sunbaths I turned my health around and got out of meds!

Loving the results I tried to buy a sunlamp myself that could provide me the suns benefits for the days I can’t take the sun… 

To my surprise I didn’t find one! and considering around 90% of world population have sunlight deficiency and all it’s derived diseases due to modern life I decided to do research and develop one myself.

After much research and many prototypes we got to build the first home UVB/RED/NIR sunlamp in the world to bring back health to people that can’t get enough sunlight in their daily routine. 

And that is how we are just starting, by helping others rediscover what real natural health feels like. 

Our Misión

Our Misión is to create energy based solutions and supplements to make people live longer, happier, healthier lives (why looking their best)  

With your support you will not only buy products that will help you get better health, but will fund us for all the research for all the life changing products we want to create for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Listen to what our customers say about our Mitolux Sunlamp.