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The CERA System

Take care of your brain and gut through light!

The CERA System is an innovative red light therapy device that treats the body systemically.

It's the first and only FDA listed red light therapy system that targets the gut-brain axis for upgraded brain capability, increased longevity and peak physiological health.

Boost cognition, slow aging, and find your peace of mind again with safe, non-toxic Light Therapy.

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My favorite gadget for breathing exercises. It teaches you through biofeedback.

Moonbird is your guide in doing slow-paced breathing exercises. Place it in the palm of your hand and simply breathe along to its calming pace. You can track the effects on your body via the app. Finding inner peace was never that easy.

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You have to try it to believe it. The most intense vivid sound/light sessions you can imagine. Feels like acid! Gets my HRV up fast.

Discover the power of enhanced brain functioning with NeuroVizr®️, the innovative app designed to foster neuroplasticity and cognitive flexibility. Using a combination of light and sound, NeuroVizr®️ goes beyond traditional brain entrainment by stimulating your brain with dynamic and layered signals. Accessible via your smartphone, the NeuroVizr®️ app offers sessions that adapt to your needs, ensuring optimal mental well-being. The NeuroVizr®️ device is controlled through the app via Bluetooth, allowing you to unlock its full potential. Whether you’re aiming for better sleep, improved focus, reduced stress, or enhanced creativity, NeuroVizr®️ is on your side, helping you achieve a healthier, more vibrant mind every day.

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Take care of your circadian rhythm by blocking blue light.

Meet our powerful Clip’N’Go. A world's first 3 in 1 artificial light protection. Reclaiming nature's dark/light cycles in 1 pair of glassesMoonbird is your guide in doing slow-paced breathing exercises. Place it in the palm of your hand and simply breathe along to its calming pace. You can track the effects on your body via the app. Finding inner peace was never that easy.

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Wellness Platform

The easiest and stylist way to get your Infrared light.

EnergyLounger offers a cutting-edge, full-body red and near-infrared light therapy device designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall wellness. Our ergonomic design not only stimulates the body's natural healing but also provides stress relief, pain alleviation, and skin health improvement. With EnergyLounger, experience enhanced relaxation and rejuvenation during every session.

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NeuroPro Memory

Methylene blue in a practical pill form.

Find out how NeuroPro Memory can protect yours and your loved one's memory making.

Mitochondria Health Tablets Targeted for Memory Support. NeuroPro Memory is a patent pending combination of Pharmaceutical Grade Methylene Methylene Blue, NAC, Glycine and Niacinamide. This combination of targeted nutrition supports mitochondrial health and natural memory support.

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Lumaflex Pro

Best wearable red light for sports use. Muscle and joint recovery.The easiest and stylist way to get your Infrared light.

Experience the world's first FDA-cleared portable, waterproof, and flexible red light therapy device with Lumaflex Pro. Step into a pain-free, energized life with precision pain management and joint rejuvenation through FDA-cleared red and infrared light therapy.

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Pulse PEMF

The Rolls Royce of PEMF, you can actually feel it immediately. Energy your cells.

PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic fields, is a holistic supplement that infuses your body with natural energy at the cellular level. Optimizing Wellness Non-Invasively, PEMF generates energy at the cellular level without medically invasive procedures 

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60 Up - Balance Board Training System

Train your balance the safe and easy way.

Are you concerned about falling or looking to enhance your mobility?Unlock a world of improved mobility, strength, and balance with the Physical Therapist-recommended 60uP® Balance Board Training System. It's safe, simple, and incredibly easy to use.

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NanoVi® by Eng3

Scientifically proven to help Improve many health parameters by health structured water vapor.

Preventing and Reversing Cellular Damage is Now Possible with NanoVi®
Cell damage is natural. The NanoVi® is designed to protect against it and repair damage once it has occurred.

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Human Garage

Change your body and mind with their fascial maneuvers and supplements.

Join the global community & learn how to heal yourself – completely free
Our programs will give you the fundamental tools to relieve pain, release stress from the body & allow your body to then heal itself from dis-ease.

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Biohackers Magazine

My #1 place to get updated information on biohacking products and science.

Biohackers Magazine, once relegated to the fringes of scientific and health communities, has surged into mainstream consciousness. We are being celebrated around the world as the founding quintessential source for genuine information on biohacking.

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