Get your daily dose of sunshine

Enjoy all the sun benefits all year long from the comfort of your home and without the wrinkle-causing UVA RAYS.

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Better than sunshine uses the following frequencies that might help with:
  • UVB 295nm: Vitamin D, Testosterone, Hormones, Serotonin.
  • Amber 590nm: reverses damage of sun spots, wrinkles, rosacea and redness, inflammation, lymphatic drainage.
  • RED 630nm: Collagen, wrinkles, spots, rejuvenation, cellulite, depression, fertility, acne, sport, stem cell regeneration.
  • NIR 850nm: Pain, muscle and joint injuries, depression, arthritis, metabolism, fat loss.
  • NIR 830nm: Acne, scars, anti-aging, bags under the eyes, sun damage.

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The New & Innovative Technology for Optimal Health

Enjoy all the sun benefits all year long from the comfort of your home and without the wrinkle-causing UVA RAYS.

  • Advanced LED Technology

    Our lamp boasts state-of-the-art LED technology, ensuring you receive the most efficient and precise light therapy. These LEDs emit wavelengths that are specifically tailored to enhance your health without the unnecessary heat or energy consumption associated with traditional lamps.

  • Exclusive UVA Radiation FREE

    Unlike conventional sun exposure or sunlamps, the Better than Sunshine ® lamp has been engineered to eliminate harmful UVA rays entirely. You can enjoy the benefits of UVB and other vital wavelengths without any of the potential drawbacks.

  • Dual Operating Modes

    Choose between our Naturalight program mode for a holistic light therapy experience or the RED/NIR mode for targeted health and beauty benefits. Whether you're seeking full-body rejuvenation or specific treatment, our lamp has you covered.

  • The information provided is based on our lamp's technology and design. Always consult with a healthcare professional for specific health-related guidance.


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98% UVB-Free

99% UV-Free


4,000 IU

of Natural Vitamin D in just 5 minutes.

Raise Your Vitamin D Levels Naturally

Clinical studies have long established the numerous benefits of vitamin D for our overall health. 'Better than Sunshine' brings you these advantages safely and conveniently. Vitamin D, often referred to as the 'sunshine vitamin,' is essential for strong bones, a robust immune system, improved mood, and enhanced overall well-being. With our lamp, you can enjoy the benefits of this vital vitamin without the need for direct sun exposure, reducing the risks associated with UVB rays. The convenient and controlled exposure to UVB-free light offered by our product allows you to support bone health, maintain a healthy immune system, and promote a positive mood—all from the comfort of your home.

Catering to Men's Wellness: How 'Better than Sunshine' Enhances Health

Especially beneficial for men, 'Better than Sunshine' offers a range of advantages that cater to their specific health needs. Vitamin D is known to play a crucial role in supporting men's health by contributing to strong bones, enhancing muscle function, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Additionally, it's been linked to mood regulation, which can be particularly relevant for managing stress and overall well-being. Our lamp, designed with these factors in mind, provides a convenient and controlled way for men to access the benefits of vitamin D without the need for excessive sun exposure, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Discover The Power Of 'Better Than Sunshine

Are you ready to unlock the potential of our innovative lamp with Vitamin D?

Dive deeper into the world of 'Better than Sunshine' and explore how it can transform your well-being. Learn more about our product and the numerous benefits it offers. Your journey to a healthier, happier you starts here.

No matter the weather

Unleash Sunshine Anytime, Anywhere with ‘Better than Sunshine’.

Say goodbye to weather constraints on your sunshine intake. Our innovative lamp is designed to deliver the benefits of natural sunlight, including essential vitamin D synthesis, regardless of the weather outside. Whether it’s a gloomy day or a sunny afternoon, ‘Better than Sunshine’ ensures a steady supply of revitalizing light. With a carefully calibrated spectrum, it mimics the sun’s nourishing effects, providing you with the vitamin D boost you need for overall health and well-being. Embrace the freedom to bask in the goodness of sunshine at your convenience, bringing a new dawn to your wellness journey.

Enjoy the Sunshine year-round

This lamp is a testament to the potential of light therapy!

As the CEO of CeraThrive LLC and a fervent advocate for red light therapy, I'm always on the lookout for products that not only fulfill their promises but also enhance the overall well-being of our clients. The "Better Than Sunshine - Red Light Therapy Lamp" has been a revelation, especially given my base in England, where sunlight, essential for natural Vitamin D synthesis, is a rare commodity for a significant part of the year.

  • Sarah Turner / CEO of CeraThrive LLC

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Frequently asked questions

Is this a Red light therapy or a Vitamin D lamp?

This is a new generation of sunlamps that include both of the benefits of this technology in just one unit, so you can use it as both.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do, we offer shipping to USA, Canada and Europe

Do I need to use eyewear?

For UV modes yes, for red light therapy is recommended but not necessary.

How do I access financing?

Great question! You can select your preferred method of payment during checkout. If you choose Affirm, Splitit, or Paypal, you will be re-routed to the vendor's site to complete your checkout.

When will I see the results?

For vitamin D: Your body will start to produce vitamin D from day 1 but to see measurable test results I will take up to 6 weeks. For red light therapy benefits, you will start to see them from 2-4 months

How often should I use the device:

For low vitamin D levels: up to 5x per week.
For maintaining vitamin D levels: 2-3 per week.
For red light therapy: 3-5x per week.

How long is a therapy session for UVB benefits:

For light skin tones from 3-5 minutes
For mid-skin tones, 5-10 minutes
For dark skin tones, 10-15 minutes

What if I am not satisfied?

We doubt that happens, but you have a 30-day money-back guarantee to return your item following our terms.

Are there any contradictions?

Our product works as sunlight (but better because it is UVA free) so basically the same precautions as with moderate sun exposure (for a complete list see here)