No matter the weather

Unleash Sunshine Anytime, Anywhere with ‘Better than Sunshine’.

Say goodbye to weather constraints on your sunshine intake. Our innovative lamp is designed to deliver the benefits of natural sunlight, including essential vitamin D synthesis, regardless of the weather outside. Whether it’s a gloomy day or a sunny afternoon, ‘Better than Sunshine’ ensures a steady supply of revitalizing light. With a carefully calibrated spectrum, it mimics the sun’s nourishing effects, providing you with the vitamin D boost you need for overall health and well-being. Embrace the freedom to bask in the goodness of sunshine at your convenience, bringing a new dawn to your wellness journey.

Enjoy the Sunshine year-round



We developed a compact, sleek, elegant device using the latest LED technology (that produces only the exact wavelengths without heat and less electricity) utilizing some of the most scientifically proven light wavelengths. (We are also the first to exclude UVA).

From now on, it won’t matter if you work a 9-5 schedule or in coldest and darkest winter, have bad weather, or want the health benefits of the Sun but without the UVA rays… With Better than Sunshine, you can enjoy the best of the sun all year long.

Medical-Grade LEDs

At the heart of our groundbreaking lamp lies a technological marvel—Medical-Grade LEDs. Carefully selected for their precision and efficacy, these LEDs emulate the sun’s beneficial wavelengths with unparalleled accuracy. Engineered to perfection, they ensure optimal light therapy for your well-being. ‘Better than Sunshine’ isn’t just a lamp; it’s a synergy of cutting-edge technology and health-centric design. Trust in the superiority of Medical-Grade LEDs to illuminate your path to wellness.
  • Medical-Grade LEDs
  • Emulate the Sun
  • Engineered to perfection
  • Synergy of cutting-edge technology
  • Technological marvel
  • Optimal light therapy

Frequency Precision

In contrast with previous sunlamps that used to be based on mercury vapor or

fluorescent technology that brought many health hazards (chemical, EMF, etc.) Our lamp is based on 100% new narrowband LED technology that doesn’t contain the wrinkle causing UVA radiation and can last a lifetime. Our lamp can be used in Naturalight mode (all 5 frequency’s on) for a complete light therapy exposure, or RED/NIR mode for when you need the health and beauty benefits of red-light therapy.

Better than Sunshine uses the following

frequency’s that might help with:

  • UVB (295nm)

    Vitamin D, Testosterone, Hormones, Serotonin.

  • NIR (830nm)

    Pain, muscle and joint injuries, depression, arthritis, metabolism, fat loss.

  • Amber (590nm)

    Reverses the damage of sun spots, wrinkles, rosacea, and redness, inflammation, lymphatic drainage.

  • NIR (850nm)

    Acne, scars, anti-aging, bags under the eyes, sun damage.

  • RED (630nm)

    Collagen, wrinkles, spots, rejuvenation, cellulite, depression, fertility, acne, sport, stem cell regeneration.

Industry-first Scatter reflectors:

We are introducing an industry-first innovation—our Scatter Reflectors. Unlike regular reflectors that create hotspots, our cutting-edge technology ensures superior light distribution even from a few inches away. Experience the difference with 'Better than Sunshine,' setting new standards for effective and comfortable light therapy. Elevate your well-being with our commitment to groundbreaking advancements.

  • Avoid Hotspots: 

    Say goodbye to uncomfortable hotspots commonly found with regular reflectors. Our innovative Scatter Reflectors eliminate these concentrated areas, ensuring a more comfortable and effective light therapy experience.

  • Enhanced Light Distribution:

    Experience superior light distribution that goes beyond traditional lamps. Our Scatter Reflectors disperse light evenly, covering a broader area and maximizing the therapeutic benefits of each session.

  • Comfort from Close Proximity:

    'Better than Sunshine' brings you the convenience of effective light therapy even from just a few inches away. The Scatter Reflectors create an optimized environment for wellness, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without the discomfort associated with hotspots.

Professional Grade Sunglasses

Enhance Your Light Experience with Professional Grade Sunglasses.

Step into a realm of comprehensive well-being with our indispensable accessory—the ‘Better than Sunshine’ Sunglasses. Crafted with precision and care, these sunglasses boast Professional Grade UV Blocking and Blue Blocking capabilities, covering a broad spectrum from 190 to 500 Nanometers. Shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and filter out disruptive blue light, ensuring a pure and rejuvenating light therapy experience. Elevate your journey to vitality with the perfect companion for our innovative lamp—Sunglasses that prioritize your eye health and enhance the efficacy of every session.